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About Us

About the Company


Griffiths Precision moulds is a well established company which has served various industries giving them accurate prototypes, models and moulds in a wide variety of materials manufactured in house to create the ideal outcome at a sensible price for all of our customers. 

Our balanced mix of traditional and contemporary manufacture techniques gives us the ability to manufacture all our work to a high standard before undergoing individual quality control.
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Our Staff

Alan Griffiths - Company Director/Model Maker

With over 35 years experience in the model and mould making industry Alan has been able to build up vast skill sets and expert knowledge to which he applies to every job to pass through our doors.

Brad Griffiths - Design and CAD/CAM Engineer
BDes(Hons), MSc(Eng)

After completing a degree in Product Design and Digital Modeling Brad continued his studies and has completed a Masters degree in Science and Engineering. This gave Brad an in depth knowledge of everything including Design Engineering, Materials Science and the opportunity to learn and use the most cutting edge manufacturing processes.

David Griffiths - Model/Mould Maker

Terms and Conditions of Sale


Due to the diverse methods and the varied care taken by the customer operative in the handling of the moulds during casting and stripping processes, no guarantees on the quantity of casts achieve from each mould can be given by Griffiths Precision Moulds Ltd.


Due to the many varied complex shapes of the moulds supplied, its the responsibility of the customer to arrange necessary external supports to ensure the safe handling of the moulds and cast parts to suit the individual production methods.  A full risk assessment should be carried out by the customer on each mould before going into production, using the correctly trained individual to do the task.


The first cast taken from the mould should be checked to drawing ensuring it is whats required and dimensionally within tolerance BEFORE being put into full production.  Please note all of our materials are of the highest quality used in the production of our moulds and are quality controlled and inspected before they leave our engineering workshop.  We also ask you to inspect on collection to make sure your satisfied with them before taking them away as once off our premises we can not control there use or handling.

Future Developments

Company investments sees Griffiths Precision Moulds investing in equipment to further broaden our manufacturing capabilities.

GPM is currently looking into adding further machinery to our inventory to further develop our manufacturing capability in an even broader variety of processes and materials.

How we can help 

Griffiths Precision Moulds guarantees its help in a variety of ways whether it be sharing our expert knowledge or helping you bring a product from art to part.

Please give us a call and we will do our best to help you.


Griffiths Precision Moulds provides industries with a complete service from initial design consultation, through the development process of any product for any industry to a prototype or finished manufactured product.


Through our manufacturing skills we combine our expert advise to ensure you get a fair price and nothing less than the 5 star service you require to get the product you demand.