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Our brand new 3 axis Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine enables the team at Grifiths Precision moulds to manufacture parts to a tolerance of 0.08mm

CNC 3 Axis


The new 3 axis CNC machine uses CAD models to create accurate parts out of sheet material up to 2440mmx1220mm. If larger models are required we can join pieces to create large 3D forms. 
  • CAD files (.dxf,.stl,.prt, etc) can be sent direct to us by email and we can begin the process of machining your design.
  • 2D profile cut outs of sheet material.
  • 3D Master Patterns and models.
  • This service dependent on machine times and how busy the machine is can be ready the very next day for collection or delivery.
  • Our CNC router can machine a variety of materials including
  1. Modeling board
  2. Tooling board
  3. Foam
  4. Polystyrene (low density-ultra high density)
  5. Hard/Soft woods
  6. Plastics (HDPE, PVC, ABS, PC, Acrylic, PP, etc...)
  7. Aluminium / Aluminium Composite
  8. Stone e.g Slate
  9. Wax for investment casting


This technology has been used at Griffiths Precision Moulds for everything from sign making, model making, to machining tooling for batch production moulds. It also enables GPM to recreate parts accurately for up to low volume mass production.

Please contact our Deign Engineer Brad Griffiths

4th Axis Rotary CNC

The new 4th Axis Rotary machine has allowed us at Griffiths Precision Moulds to accuratly create Asymmetric products and components effectively from CAD models.


Whether your requirement is for 1 or 100 parts, we are able to produce and reproduce parts time and time again to fine tolerances quickly to meet customers requirements

Previous Applications...

Sign Design and Manufacture in Plastics and Woods // Master patterns in any material // Investment Casting Wax Patterns // Design sketch models // Engraving/personalisation of products //  Flat pack furniture // 2D/3D Models and Moulds // Foam products // Prototypes // Internal Structures // Architectural Models // Tooling for Casting // Accurate parts such as Gears // Artistic Models // Stage Set/props // Vehicle Interior Custom Panels