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Models and Moulds

Our specialist Model and Mould makers use a range of materials to create accurate models and moulds for any Industry. We work closely with our customers to ensure they are getting what they want from our products. Our Moulds can be for anything from 1 off casts to large batch production. Please contact us to discuss all your casting, and pre-production model and mould requirements.

Models and Moulds


Our modeling/pattern shop is where the manual skill is seen in the design and manufacture of new models and moulds in a multitude of materials including
  • Plaster (Required often for porous application e.g. slip casting)
  • Woods - hard wood/soft woods
  • Rubbers such as polyurethane, silicone's etc
  • Resins
  • Fibreglass - Epoxy and Polyester
  • Polystyrene
  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Ceramics (drying and firing service available)
These models and moulds are created for almost any application whether it be industrial or artistic.
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Model and mould design experience enables us to efficiently and effectively create models and moulds that are user friendly, cost effective and will withstand the demands of high batch to mass production.
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Previous applications and Industries

Our skilled staff have made models and moulds for a huge variety of industries including the thermal ceramic, aerospace and automotive as well as supplying the building trade and artistic industries with intricate models and moulds. We make these models and moulds in our large workshop so be assured that we can undertake a project of any size.